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Catch your breath

When your single people look at you like your a charity case. That sound's worse than what I mean. I mean, people want to help you. They meet other single people and before you know it they are trying to play cupid. Once they find one interest in common between two single friends the arrows are flying. The only thing wrong with that is that I am Latin, young and a single mom, which places me in a negative statistic category, for those who meet me for the first time. Don't be alarmed, its all right, I am the one saying it. But let anyone else say it and I will punch them in the jugular, I am NOT A STATISTIC. Strangers unfamiliar with me think I am either looking for a baby daddy, or I am looking for someone to ease my financial burden. So match making is not easy.  But then there are those who know you well and simply want you to be happy. So when they call you with a matchmaking ploy with a stranger that you might have something in common with, all my guards go up and

I want a Christian man

I want a Christian Man! Well this one took me for a doozie. I really did love being single but every time I walked into church someone would say,  "Why hasn't someone snatched you up?" "Why are you still single"  "God is preparing a good husband for you"  Oh and every time I went to the altar for prayer people assumed that I was on my knees praying for a husband and they would stop me to say, "God told me to tell you he is coming sister" Little did they know I was praying for peace when I was at the altar. Being a single mom was rough, it was no walk in the park. My daughter thought I favored my son, and my son thought I favored my daughter. Both responded to things differently which was exhausting. But at the end of the day I really wanted to raise my children to be educated, well balanced believers. I say well balanced because I have run across my fair share of super judgmental believers who walk arrogantly and prideful

Revisiting the Past

Revisiting my past... This morning I got up and was listening to one of my favorite authors, Rachel Hollis. On Chapter 14 of her new book "Girl wash your face" she said something that sparked something in me. She said she doesn't read the reviews. I instantly thought of my friend Kim who is an avid blogger and recently published her first book and told her the story of how I used to blog and my failures. All to encourage her and make sure she doesn't give up.  I told her that I was her once upon a time. I loved writing, and I loved sharing stories and I was known as the "story teller". One day  in my late twenties, I decided to reclaim my virginity and figured I  write a blog about my journey. Now I know what your thinking, that's scientifically impossible. But spiritually its totally possible. I wrote this great blog of my journey as a Christian woman who was taking control of her life, so I thought. I was a single mom and in the dating arena i