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Three steps to Purity- By the Recycled Virgin

So… I looked up the word recycle, and this is what I found.
Return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process
Maybe Recycled virgin isn’t the best name, but in reality looking back that’s exactly what was happening.

I was a single mom, abandoned to raise her kids alone, carrying trauma, and still fighting to attain her dreams. What were those dream? I am still trying to figure that out. But writing would surely be one of them. Sadly I put it on the back burner more often then I should. But I digress, let’s go back to recycle.

I wanted to offer something that I thought you might want to revisit if you’re on this journey of purity. And when I say purity, I mean purity of mind, body and soul. Cause let’s face it if you don’t take control of your thoughts your thoughts will take over and can literally kill you. Its more than just sex, lust and all that good stuff we are holding out for, for our husbands. It’s about our minds, our thoughts. So I thought I share a few things I did to help me keep my purity.
  •  ONE- I stopped watching TV
I stopped watching TV. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t standing over my TV set with holy water rebuking it. I just realized I loved romance, and would find myself desiring it more after watching it. I even went to bed feeling lonely, so lonely, I would reconnect with toxic people. Being self-aware is key in this journey, but be honest with yourself. Sometimes something as little as a TV show would sway me the wrong way.
“Don’t let loneliness reconnect you with toxic people. You shouldn’t drink poison just because you’re thirsty”- Unknown
I also noticed that if I watched too much of one show, I slowly but surely ended up picking up the culture and language (Mostly cool jokes) but nonetheless, fictional speech was creeping into my reality. It’s like when someone from New York visits Alabama, to come back with a southern twang. 

Plus I must admit “no TV time” made me very productive in business and my gym life.
  • TWO- I stopped shaving my legs and wore granny panties
OK so this is one about sex, but this was the extreme I had to go. I was an adult, with children,  who obviously had sex, (No Jane the virgin here) and I was dating. Yes I grew up in church, yes I know Jesus, but yes I knew what sex felt like and I wanted it probably more than the guy wanted it at times. So I had to safeguard myself and metal chastity belts were not for sale on amazon. So I didn’t buy the sexy panties, I bought the comfy but ugly granny panties, and I didn’t do any landscaping when I knew a date was around the corner.

Here’s another note about being self-aware; I had my pride. I was not going to be known as the granny pantie wearing Sasquatch. I know what you’re thinking, “Pride comes before the fall” but in this case, Pride was my friend in keeping my purity and I’m sure God looked down and was like, “use it like I used the two fish”. I had to work with what I had.
  • THREE- I spent alone time with God
If there is anything you should remember it should be this. You don’t hear from God in doing the right thing, or being the right person, or staying busy in church or charity. You hear from God when you are alone with him.  When you’re “BEING STILL”
Begin with, “this is all about you and me God”.
I promise you, you will be amazed at the response and direction. But you have to square away time for HIM.
He laughs with you too.
For example, this morning I was driving to someone’s house that I barely know. She had a need and I knew I could help. Did I want to? Not really, I rather stay in bed and sleep. But I remembered what it was like alone raising a family and had it not been for my church family, I don’t know where I would be. So I offered to help. On my way to her house I was thinking about my quality time with God and how lacking it’s been, and just when I went to apologize I had a loud interrupting thought that said, “I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” Matthew 25: 40
It really took over my brain, and just like that I smiled and giggled. It was like Jesus said, “Don’t go there girl” we can all get sidetracked on the path of negative self-talk, even in our spiritual walk. Living Holy isn’t doing things; living Holy is a byproduct of knowing a real God and having a relationship with Him. God knows your shortcoming, he knows your flaws and he uses them all for his glory. He used my pride in the previous example, so I know he is not looking for perfection, He’s looking for genuine relationship.
If you mess up, shed yourself grace. Try again! 

Hope this helps you. If you want me to pray for you on your journey please drop a comment below. 

-Art of Me
The Recycled Virgin


Dwan said…
I love the transparency of this post! We all have very real struggles living in this very real world. Thank you for sharing what you are doing to live for Jesus! It is such an encouragement to me!

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