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Girl, too soon. I didn't see that coming

I couldn’t believe it when I logged into social media and saw that Rachel Hollis wrote a new book “Didn’t see that coming” Putting yourself back together when your world falls apart. 
Are you kidding me?

Personally, I have purchased two of her books and really enjoyed them. So this is not coming from a person who hates her.  There was some stuff that I really couldn’t relate too and I discarded it out of my thoughts. But I enjoyed her writing style and “go get em” attitude. When she came out with her news of a divorce this year, my heart broke for her. She just made the announcement and she already released a book. Are you serious? I haven’t read the book, nor will I. The title is pretty accurate, “I didn’t see that coming”. 
It's way too soon, let's have that conversation when Dave starts dating. Or when your kids love Dave’s new girlfriend. Or when you are on social media seeing your children on vacation with Dave and his new "boo", all smiling. Or when your children grow up and they start dating and your feeling like the 5th wheel in your own home. Or when your dating but social life is hard because let's face it, who has the time when your just spitting out bestsellers books. Honey stop, this is dangerous! 

Divorce is messy, traumatic, second to death, and you are playing it down like, “you got this”. Meanwhile, women all around the world are feeling like a failure, or running away from the trauma, going to family therapy and you believe you have the answers, and you can help. Girl, read your bible. You need to slow down and just heal. This is a time to pause be still and invest in family. You're not the only one hurting from the divorce. 

Let's talk about the kids! 

Speaking 16 years after a divorce, my son suffered from separation anxiety and needed me 24/7 after his dad moved out.  My daughter had anger issues because it didn’t work out and her family wasn’t what she pictured. This is not the time to be writing a book. 
Years of prayer and therapy and you got it covered in what… a month? 

Oh sweety, you have not begun to feel the brunt of the chaotic mountain of debris that divorce leaves on you. 
Yes I know,  everyone deals with it differently, I get that. But not everyone has a crew on stand by to help with the chores, the kids, and your social marketing. You are playing God sweety, the reality is life falls apart often. Be real, just once. 

Your divorce announcement was weeks after your virtual expo where you put a brave face and acted like you had it together. You were faking the perfect life, while in reality behind the scenes you were falling apart and taking money from people who relied on your fake wisdom. I can't respect that. 
Own the fact that you don't have it together, you are just doing your best like the rest of the world.  
You should probably swallow your pride and pick up your bible girl because you have a journey of healing to yet uncover. Let's chat in a few years, but right now… too soon girl too soon! 

Girl, wash your face! 
Girl, read your bible! 
Girl, rest, and find healing!

I’ll be praying for you!


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